Local 4802 will host their AGM on Wednesday, May 29 @ 7:00 p.m. at Rosetown Central High School.  Elections will be held for the positions of President, Treasurer, Kenatson/Davidson Area Vice President, Rosetown Area Vice President, and 1 Trustee.

Nominations for elections can be sent to Ginelle Sonmor, the Returning Officer, at . Members must be nominated by another member in their region, but will be voted on by all members at the meeting. Nominations are due to Ginelle Sonmor by Monday, April 29, 2018.  Voting will occur based on the nominations received by that time. (No nominations shall be accepted unless the member is in attendance at the meeting or has allowed to be filed at the meeting his/her consent in writing, duly witnessed by another member.)

In the event that there are no nominees for positions, members may be nominated at the meeting and voting will occur.